Siste publiseringer i Cristin

Johansen, Agnar; Rolstadås, Asbjørn.
Decision Process in One-of-a-kind Production : Production planning & control (Print)

Matusiak, Barbara.
Welcome to NTNU, AD and the Department of Architecture and Technology : NTNU and Augsburg University; 2017-05-22 – 2017-05-23

Skjelstad, Lars; Landmark, Andreas D.; Thomassen, Maria Kristina Kollberg; Evju, Ole Kristian Sogn.
Application of High-tech information devices in Mass Customization manufacturing : Proceedings 5th World Production and Operations Management Conference (World P&OM Havana 2016) DEPARTAMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, UNIVERSIDAD TECNOLOGICA DE LA HABANA “JOSE ANTONIO ECHEVERRIA” & DEPARTAMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL “MARTA ABREU” DE LAS VILLAS ISBN: 978-959-261-532-8, s. –

Bredin, Karin; Enberg, Cecilia; Niss, Camilla; Söderlund, Jonas.
Knowledge Integration at Work: Individual Project Competence in Agile Projects : Managing Knowledge Integration Across Boundaries ISBN: 9780198785972, s. 206–226

Landmark, Andreas D.; Iversen, Tobias Buschmann.
Betwixt and between : The Fourth European Workshop on Practical Aspects of Health Informatics, PAHI 2017; 2017-05-15 – 2017-05-16

Finne, Håkon; Landmark, Andreas D.; Mordal, Siri; Ullern, Eli Fyhn.
R&D in teacher education milieus. A descriptive mapping of research and development in milieus that educate teachers for primary and lower secondary schools in Norway (GLU). Stiftelsen SINTEF , Trondheim ISBN: 978-82-14-06963-1

Zidane, Youcef; Olsson, Nils.
Defining Project Efficiency, Effectiveness and Efficacy : International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

Matusiak, Barbara.
Sunlight as a source of indoor illumination, studies from high latitudes : VELUX Daylight Symposium; 2017-05-03 – 2017-05-04

Kjellen, Urban Anders Gunnar; Albrechtsen, Eirik.
Prevention of Accidents and Unwanted Occurrences: Theory, Methods, and Tools in Safety Management

Rolstadås, Asbjørn; Schiefloe, Per Morten.
Modelling project complexity : International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

Matusiak, Barbara.
Daylighting as a quality parameter of renovated buildings : XVII Forum termomodernizacja 2017, Zrzeszenie Audytorow Energetycznych; 2017-04-25 – 2017-04-25

Torvatn, Hans Yngvar.
Få teknostress opp på agendaen : LO-aktuelt : organ for Landsorganisasjonen i Norge

Pritchard, Ray.
Invitert debattant på Trondheim Sykkelfilmfestival [Invited panel speaker at Trondheim Bicycle Film Festival] : Trondheim Sykkelfilmfestival Paneldebatt; 2017-04-22 – 2017-04-22

Rohde, Tarald; Torvatn, Hans Yngvar.
A strategic document as a tool for implementing change. Lessons from the merger creating The South-East Health region in Norway : Health Policy

Andersen, Thale Kvernberg; Seim, Andreas Røsland; Torvatn, Hans Yngvar.

Torvatn, Hans Yngvar.
Det finnes ikke teknologi mot dårlig ledelse

Steen, Markus; Dawley, Stuart; Landmark, Andreas D.; MacKinnon, Danny.
Global production networks in emerging industries: The case of offshore wind power : American Association of Geographers - annual meeting 2017; 2017-04-05 – 2017-04-09

Lohne, Jardar; Svalestuen, Fredrik; Knotten, Vegard; Drevland, Frode; Lædre, Ola.
Ethical behaviour in the design phase of AEC projects : International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

Engebø, Atle; Lohne, Jardar; Lædre, Ola.
Falske byggematerialer : Byggeindustrien

Svalestuen, Fredrik; Lædre, Ola; Lohne, Jardar.
BIM - fra prosjektering til produksjon : Byggeindustrien